Tree Trimming

January 7, 2017 7:21 pm

Thank you for your continued business with Dowler-Karn Limited. As a company, we strive to provide our services safely and efficiently in partnership with you, our customer. On occasion, we may ask for your help to allow our drivers and technicians to be able to deliver product or services safely to your home, farm or business. We take great pride in our equipment both in terms of appearance and performance. It is symbolic of our commitment to quality. As such, all of our employees are very conscious of potential hazards that could create problems for them or our equipment in the field. One such hazard is low hanging limbs or branches blocking safe access to properties that we deliver to. We are asking for your assistance in tree trimming, specifically in trimming some of the branches on your property that are encroaching into our required delivery area. It is not our intent to have you alter the beauty of trees on your property but to only do the minimum required to allow us to service your needs without damaging our equipment. tree-trimming   As shown in the above picture, we need to have an opening of at least 14 feet high and 10 feet in width across the drive way to be able to make a safe delivery. We ask that you assist us by trimming your trees to allow for this. If you can not determine which limbs are in question please call our office and we will visit your location and try to help you identify the offending branches. Importantly, please note that your deliveries will be put on hold until this has been addressed. Watch your gauge and once the branches are trimmed, please call our office to let us know, in order to resume normal deliveries.