The Beginning: George Dowler

August 15, 1944 7:26 pm

George Dowler had been employed for a number of years by Imperial Oil, when he was given the opportunity to become the Imperial Oil Agent for the St Thomas area. It was an exciting time for him and his wife, Winnie and their daughter, Joyce.  

A few years after he took on this role, Joyce started to help her father by assisting him with his bookkeeping. She worked from a 10′ X 10′ building adjacent to the Imperial Oil facility, located at 105 Flora St. in St. Thomas.

In the late 40’s and early 50’s, homeowners were actively switching their heating systems from coal to furnace fuel. With the business expanding rather quickly, Imperial Oil felt it necessary to create two distributors – one would become the Home Comfort dealer, supplying home heating fuel, while the other would become the Farm Trade Agent supplying fuels to the farming sector. George Dowler decided to keep the Home Comfort division and remained operating as “Dowler Fuels” and he had someone in mind for the Farm Trade Agent role.