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Bottles of Mobil 1, Mobil Super, Mobil Delvac products from Dowler-KarnDowler-Karn has been supplying quality MOBIL lubricants & greases along with exceptional service to our customers since 1943. We operate a large scale Lubrication Distribution Centre in St Thomas that serves customers directly and also supplies our branch offices across Southwestern Ontario with the most popular and high-demand lubricants — both packaged and in bulk.


If you're looking for specific products or solutions, please contact our Mobil Lubricant Specialists for assistance.

Dowler-Karn will provide an on-site reviews of your equipment, and the conditions they operate under, and recommend the best MOBIL lubricants for each piece of equipment. Plus, every MOBIL product that leaves our Distribution Centre carries the Ultimate Lubrication Warranty for added peace of mind.

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