March 19, 2020

To our Valued Customers,

The world is experiencing unprecedented times as a result of COVID-19. Dowler-Karn Limited is positioned to ensure continued exemplary service for our valued customers, and we are also fully committed to protecting the health and safety of those same customers, our dedicated employees, supply chain partners, and all whom we may interact within the delivery of products and services. As we navigate a rapidly changing landscape, we are closely monitoring information about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, referencing the World Health Organization, Health Canada, and our regional Health Units. It is our focus to ensure full compliance and commitment in aligning with the protocols and best practices promoted by our governments and local health authorities.

Dowler-Karn is taking proactive organizational steps to help slow the spread of COVID-19 and to ease the burdens on our health care system. Early on, this included suspending all international and domestic business travel for staff and adopting a work-at-home protocol for all of our sales team. More recently, this was expanded to other functions within the company. We have postponed in-person sales meetings but will continue to be available and responsive, leveraging technology to communicate by phone and email. Our customer service and management teams are also available via phone or email. Please just locate the appropriate Dowler-Karn location and contact information via our website at

It’s important to note within our branches, we have increased our sanitization practices both in our offices and also customer-facing locations. We have been educating our employees on what actions are required to reduce the risk of contracting this virus. Any unwell employees are also encouraged to stay home. For product deliveries and service interactions, please recognize that our team will respectfully request that we all adhere to “social distancing” protocols and will avoid close physical contact while at your location. Some non-essential tasks are being postponed for our employees’ safety. We ask that you please respect this common-sense approach for everyone’s benefit.

We have witnessed increasing requests for public support to flatten the curve of positive tests, and to lessen the burden on our health care professionals. We have decided to alter our branch operations and customer service practices to protect both our employees and customers. Effective March 20, 2020, the public will not be permitted to enter Dowler-Karn facilities. These actions are taken as a proactive preventative measure to ensure due diligence for staff, customers, and the communities in which we serve. All decisions will be evaluated in the future but are in place until further notice.

Customer service staff will still be available during regular business hours by phone, fax, or email. We will also be encouraging customers to use drop boxes where applicable. In the interim, packaged lubricant products are available, where available. Please assist us by emailing, phoning, or faxing orders in ahead of time to your local branch. If a pick-up is required, please call ahead, and we will have the product ready for you. As well, where available, cylinder fills will also be available on a cash-only basis and observing strict protocols. Please note that where applicable, some payments can be received over the phone. To provide guidance for our customers, signage will be placed at entrances and throughout our branches.

We will not be altering our hours of operation as yet but are actively monitoring direction from medical authorities. Of course, all processes are subject to change upon future review, and we encourage folks to monitor our website for regular updates. As we navigate the challenges that this epidemic presents, our employees will continue to support our customers, many of whom are critical customer segments vital to this region’s supply chain in addition to our safety and security. Be it transportation, agriculture, or our many critical partners within the emergency services; we will be diligent in balancing the safety of our employees with the needs of our customers as we follow and promote adherence to the directives of our health authorities.

As an aside, as a third-generation family-owned business, our values have always been rooted in our commitment to communities. For many years, we have made it a priority to support our local small-town hospitals through their foundations. It is a time like this we recognize their importance and share our gratitude, and thanks for the exceptional dedication and hard work that so many individuals in our health care system are tirelessly providing to protect and care for us all. Our thoughts are with them, their families who support them, and beyond that, all who are being negatively impacted by this unfortunate circumstance.

In closing, Dowler-Karn will continue to emphasize safety, service, and reliability. We have plans in place to manage the demands and roadblocks that may arise in the coming weeks or months. We are buoyed by the dedication of our team of professionals. We recognize that these are challenging times, producing anxiety and fear for some. We consider it a privilege to serve our customers, and we are grateful for your support and understanding. We ask for your patience as we all pull together in the Canadian way.

If you or your organization have any questions or concerns, please contact your local Dowler-Karn branch manager. Frequently wash your hands, if unwell, stay home, and protect yourself and your family as we navigate through the threat of this virus. Please be safe!

Dave Karn
President, Dowler-Karn Limited