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Fueling your Business.
Dowler-Karn provides energy solutions for commercial, industrial, manufacturing & fleet operations.

Fueling your business is a top priority. The energy demands of a large-scale fleet operation or a manufacturing centre are different from the average business. From top to bottom, your business needs to be operational, so you need a dependable fuel partner. Let Dowler-Karn bring our expertise to the table. We have successfully collaborated with a variety of industry leaders in the manufacturing sector in addition to other commercial and industrial operations.

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Commercial Fleets

Dowler-Karn knows how to take care of business!

We provide fleet fuel solutions for everything from small courier companies running their own delivery vehicles to large-scale international transport operations. We run the gamut from municipal police vehicles to taxi fleets. The commercial fleet team at Dowler-Karn is exceptional at taking care of high-volume customers, while ensuring smaller operations are also up and running. Our locations across Southwestern Ontario make it convenient for you to get the level of service you need and expect from your fuel provider.

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Propane Cylinders

Dowler-Karn understands the changing demands of manufacturing and processing.

We want to ensure your warehouse or production line remains running. We schedule your deliveries to ensure the propane you need is there. Propane is a consistent and dependable fuel source for lift trucks and ice-resurfacers, as long as there is fuel in the tank, your equipment will run. One LP tank will last a full shift, without having to stop to refill. This saves time and increases productivity, which are two distinct benefits over battery-powered machines, which often require recharging mid-shift.

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At Dowler-Karn we trust Mobilâ„¢ Lubricants to keep our customers processes and vehicles running smoothly.

High-performance lubricants provide numerous potential advantages such as: helping to improve machinery performance, reducing maintenance costs, potentially extending oil change intervals and protecting your equipment long-term, resulting in conservation of the capital invested in your equipment. Plus, you have peace of mind knowing Mobilâ„¢ products meet or exceed the main technical requirements of equipment manufacturers.

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