Biosecurity Protocols

April 14, 2015 2:49 pm

Download this document as a pdf Dowler-Karn recognizes the importance of working with our many valued farming customers in the safe and efficient delivery of fuels, propane and lubricants. As a large agricultural fuels supplier, we are genuinely concerned with the health, well-being and productivity of Ontario’s farms. Our commitment to quality service and delivery extends to ensuring that we are working with our customers in supporting any biosecurity measures in place to protect their interests. The following biosecurity protocols are meant to reduce the risk of transmission of any bacteria, viruses or other agents of disease in the course of farm service and deliveries. These guidelines apply to all Dowler-Karn delivery and service staff. If there are any questions, please direct them to the local branch.
  1. Dowler-Karn will request of its applicable customers that any farm specific protocols are communicated to the appropriate branch contacts prior to deliveries commencing. Any expectations will be documented and shared with staff. Knowing the producer’s protocols is an important step in ensuring that we are meeting their expectations.
  2. Dowler-Karn will schedule and carry out service/ deliveries in such a way as to minimize the risk of introducing and spreading disease. This may include limiting the deliveries by vehicle and within specific timeframes independent of full scale cleaning.
  3. Prior to delivery, the driver or customer service staff will alert the customer that a delivery is planned. This provides an opportunity for follow up to verify the health status and potential risk of each premise with respect to any concerns that should be considered in scheduling service or delivery.
  4. Upon arrival at an applicable farm, staff are expected to drive slowly to reduce potential for dust, avoiding puddles and visible debris where possible. Park in the designated location as directed by the farmer or as noted on the customer order or previous documentation.
  5. It is an expectation for Dowler-Karn drivers to maintain their vehicles to a high standard of cleanliness both internally and externally. This expectation is monitored by Management. In addition, prior to delivery or entering into a farm enclosure, in the absence of specific customer protocols, staff will be expected to spray tires, mud flaps, wheel wells, hose reels, and any other contact surfaces with disinfectant provided (I.e. Virkon) using spray bottles provided.
  6. Service personnel shall clean and disinfect footwear prior to entering the premises, and/ or wear disposable boot covers (as safety considerations allow). It will have to be determined if there is a disposal option available after delivery, as is the normal expectation.
  7. When ready, drivers are to drive directly to the delivery location (tanks or drop off point) and are to follow all farm biosecurity protocols. At no time should staff be leaving the area without direction. There should be no reason for staff to enter any housing or feeding areas and this is discouraged.
  8. Disposable gloves and other protective gear are to be available and may be warranted or required depending on customer protocols.
  9. Upon completion of the delivery, drivers are to disinfect the hose as it recoils onto the reel, also shaking off excess debris.
  10. Clean boots once again before entering cab.
  11. Leave in the same manner as arrival.

Quarantined Farms

Farms located within a designated distance of the indexed or diseased farm will have controls in place imposed by CFIA. Dowler-Karn will not make any deliveries or visits to these locations unless it is an emergency. In an emergency situation, a permit will be sought from the CFIA in order to get onto the farm. Should a delivery be made, the vehicle will not be permitted onto any other farms for a period of 24 hours and until thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.
Dowler-Karn will revisit these protocols on a regular basis and will work with the agricultural industry to ensure that we meet all reasonable expectations to decrease the potential for spread of contaminants by our vehicles. Where possible, Dowler-Karn encourages customers to consider options for placement of tanks and for providing clean routes for our delivery vehicles which will limit the risk. In addition, customers are encouraged to more closely monitor usage as they relate to orders to ensure that Dowler-Karn has the needed flexibility to organize deliveries in conjunction with these guidelines.