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Fuel the Drive with Auto Propane.
Propane is an efficient, affordable fuel solution that makes sense. 

Dowler-Karn makes auto propane convenient for drivers with five Propane Fueling Stations in Southwestern Ontario:

London St. Thomas Chatham St. Marys Windsor

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Auto propane is ideally suited for any type of vehicle fleet, including:

  • Taxis & shuttle buses
  • Courier vans
  • Police cars
  • School buses & transit vehicles
  • All high-mileage vehicles
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Benefits of Propane

High-profile companies that have already realized the benefits of propane over diesel or gasoline include Airways Transport, London Police, and UPS.

  • Propane is a low-emission fuel, offering comparable engine performance, and is less expensive than gasoline.
  • Switching your car, or your full fleet to propane-fueled vehicles is a sound investment that will show a positive return.
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Did you know?…

From the Propane Association of Canada

  • Propane’s refueling infrastructure is better than any other alternative fuel in Canada.
  • Canada is the world’s 10th largest producer of propane.
  • Canadians need to invest in domestic propane now. Already, about 50% of Canada’s propane is being exported.
  • Filling stations across Ontario:
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Some Propane Facts:

  • Propane is a safe and versatile fuel that is a by-product of natural gas processing and oil refining.
  • When extracted and used it is in gas form, but for stability and efficiency, propane is stored and transported as a liquid.
  • Because propane is safe, efficient, low-emission, and non-toxic it is the ideal choice for school and transit buses, courier vans, taxis and other high-mileage fleet vehicles.
  • In some countries, auto propane is known as LPG or Autogas.
  • It is the third most popular automotive fuel — both globally and in Canada — after gasoline and diesel.

Save Money on Fuel & Maintenance

Switching to propane can save you about 40% off your current fill-up cost.

The average price of auto propane is around 40% less than gasoline.

Maintenance is Easy.

Propane can extend the life of your vehicle’s engine, because it burns cleaner and creates less carbon build-up than gasoline or diesel.

Propane vehicles are more cost-effective than natural gas vehicles, short term and long term.

Converting to propane is typically about half the cost of other conversions, and refuelling station installation costs are up to 95% less than other alternative fuels.

See a rapid return on your investment.

Converting to propane is not expensive, but it is an expense. Vehicle owners and fleet operators can expect to recoup what they’ve spent in about one year, and will begin to see significant savings after this time.

Cleaner & Greener

Propane can significantly reduce your environmental impact, and shrink your carbon footprint.

Up to 26% less lifecycle Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions

  • Up to 18% less CO2 when burned.
  • 20% less Nitrogen Oxide when burned.

Propane emits fewer Criteria Air Contaminants (CAC)

  • Criteria Air Contaminants are responsible for health hazards like smog and acid rain.
  • 98% less Particulate Matter (PM) than diesel.
  • 60% less Carbon Monoxide (CO) than gasoline.

Even when spilled, propane does not contaminate

  • Propane is non-toxic, and with no lead and negligible sulfur content, it does not contribute to acid rain.
  • Propane that is spilled, quickly dissipates into the air and has no lasting impact on water, soil or the atmosphere.

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