Fuel the Drive with Auto Propane

Propane is An Efficient, Affordable Fuel Solution That Makes SenseAuto Propane fueling station Dowler-Karn Chatham

Dowler-Karn makes auto propane convenient for drivers with five Propane Fueling Stations in Southwestern Ontario:


Whether you choose propane for your PERSONAL VEHICLE or for your COMPANY FLEET, you can count on a number of benefits from this safe and low-emission fuel option. The reasons to use propane for automobiles are numerous, with environmental and economic factors giving propane a distinct advantage over traditional and other alternative automotive fuels.

Auto propane is ideally suited for any type of vehicle fleet:

  • Taxis & Shuttle Buses
  • Courier Vans 
  • Police Cars 
  • School Buses & Transit Vehicles
  • All High-Mileage Vehicles

High-profile companies that have already realized the benefits of propane over diesel or gasoline include Airways Transit, London Police, and UPS

Propane is a low-emission fuel, offering comparable engine performance, and is less expensive than gasoline.

Switching your car or your full fleet to propane-fueled vehicles is a sound investment that will show a positive return.

Interesting Information from the Propane Association of Canada:

  • Propane’s refueling infrastructure is better than any alternative fuel in Canada
  • Canada is the world’s 10th largest producer of propane
  • Canadians need to invest in domestic propane now – already, about 50% of Canada’s propane is being exported 
SOME PROPANE FACTS: Propane is a safe and versatile fuel that is a by-product of natural gas processing and oil refining. When extracted and used it is in gas form, but for stability and efficiency, propane is stored and transported as a liquid. Because propane is safe, efficient, low-emission, and non-toxic it is the ideal choice for school and transit buses, courier vans, taxis and other high-mileage fleet vehicles. In some countries, auto propane is known as LPG or Autogas. It is the third most popular automotive fuel — both globally and in Canada — after gasoline and diesel.

Save Money on Fuel & Maintenance

Switching to Propane can save you about 40% off your current fill-up cost

  • The average price of auto propane is around 40% less than gasoline.

Propane vehicles are more cost-effective than natural gas vehicles, short term and long term

  • Converting to propane is typically about half the cost of other conversions, and refuelling station installation costs are up to 95% less than other alternative fuels.

Maintenance is Easy

  • Propane can extend the life of your vehicle’s engine, because it burns cleaner and creates less carbon build-up than gasoline or diesel.

See a rapid return on your investment

  • Converting to propane is not expensive, but it is an expense. Vehicle owners and fleet operators can expect to recoup what they’ve spent in about a year, and will begin to see significant savings after this time.

Cleaner & Greener

Propane can significantly reduce your environmental impact, and shrink your carbon footprint

Up to 26% less lifecycle Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions:

  • Up to 18% less CO2 when burned
  • 20% less Nitrogen Oxide when burned

Propane emits fewer Criteria Air Contaminants (CAC)

  • Criteria Air Contaminants are responsible for health hazards like smog and acid rain
  • 98% less Particulate Matter (PM) than diesel
  • 60% less Carbon Monoxide (CO) than gasoline

Even when spilled, propane does not contaminate

  • Propane is non-toxic, and with no lead and negligible sulfur content, it does not contribute to acid rain
  • Propane that is spilled quickly dissipates into the air and has no lasting impact on water, soil or the atmosphere