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FARM FUELS & Energy Solutions for AGRICULTURE

We know what keeps a farm running — and we take our responsibility very seriously.

Dependable Service means product in the tank when you need it. That’s why we utilize tank monitoring and scheduled deliveries — or as we like to call it at Dowler-Karn — Delivery Security. The ebb and flow of each segment of agriculture is varied and changeable. The seasonality of the different cash-crop and livestock operations result in changing energy and fuel consumption requirements.

At Dowler-Karn we know the ins and outs of farming and we want to work with you to plan and implement energy solutions and delivery systems tailored to your operation.

We leverage technology to protect your investments.

TANK MONITORINGNew Dowler Karn propane tank installation

At Dowler-Karn we offer uninterrupted satellite based monitoring of propane, diesel and furnace oil tanks. The benefit of this service is that it’s customizable to your applications. 

Our system monitors tank levels for refill points, provides us with warnings when your fuel is at low levels, and will flag and notify us of irregular usage. Because some agricultural operations will see their fuel consumption rates fluctuate, monitoring removes the worry.

At Dowler-Karn, our goal is to give you the peace of mind that comes with safe, dependable, hassle-free delivery of fuels to your farm.

We want to be an important silent partner, helping to ensure the smooth running of your operation.


Dowler-Karn Biosecurity Measures for Agriculture

Dowler-Karn recognizes the importance of working with our many valued farming customers in the safe and efficient delivery of fuels, propane and lubricants. As a large agricultural fuels supplier, we are genuinely concerned with the health, well-being and productivity of Ontario’s farms.

Our commitment to quality service and delivery extends to ensuring that we work with our customers in supporting any biosecurity measures in place to protect their interests. Our biosecurity protocols are meant to reduce the risk of transmission of any bacteria, viruses or other agents of disease in the course of farm service and deliveries.

These guidelines apply to all Dowler-Karn delivery and service staff. If there are any questions, please direct them to your local branch.
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