Esso_OvalDowler-Karn has been supplying quality fuels and petroleum products for over 70 years.  Whether you are looking for furnace fuel to heat your home, fuel for use on the farm, diesel for a generator or are looking for a convenient and quick 24 Hr. Fuel Access Centre to fuel for your vehicle, truck or farm equipment, Dowler-Karn will meet your needs.

See Delivery Options for information on the delivery options available for our fuel products.

Agricultural & Commercial

Here is a list of petroleum products that many of our agricultural & commercial customers take advantage of everyday:

  • Coloured Diesel Fuel (Off-road use)
  • Low Sulfur Clear Diesel Fuel (On-road use)
  • Regular Unleaded Gasoline
  • Mid Grade Unleaded Gasoline
  • Supreme Unleaded Gasoline
  • Ethanol Gasoline
  • Coloured Furnace Fuel
  • Tobacco Curing Oil


Many of our customers use furnace fuels for home heating appliances as well as domestic hot water heaters.

Oil Tank Inspection Forms

24 Hr. Fuel Access Centres

Our 24-hour self-serve centres offer a reliable and convenient way for customers to fill up at the pumps. Open an account with us to obtain your personal FOB key, which can be used at any of our 24-hour self-serve locations. All your fuel purchases will be charged directly to your account. Fast and convenient, No cash or attendant required.

What is 24 Hr. Fuel Access?

24 Hr. Fuel Access Centres are available at the following branch locations: