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  • Propane

    Whether you need a re-fill for use with your backyard barbeque or are looking for an industrial energy solution or anything in between, we will be able to meet all of your needs.
  • Fuels

    Whether you are a looking for furnace fuel to heat your household, fuel for use on the farm, or are looking for a convenient and quick keylock to fuel for your vehicle, Dowler-Karn will be able to meet all your fuel needs.
  • Lubricants

    Quality MOBIL lubricants & greases along with exceptional service to our customers. We offer both package and bulk lubricants.
  • Barbeques

    Broil KingĀ® Barbeques available for purchase at our St. Thomas, St. Marys, and Chatham-Kent locations. We offer the entire range of models, from the Imperial series to the Porta-Chefs and everything in between.


  • Payment Options

    We have a wide range of payments options available to meet your needs: Automatic Withdrawl, Credit Card, Budget, Internet, Telephone
  • Paperless Billing

    Would you prefer to go paperless and have your bills sent to your email?
  • Online Forms

    View all of our forms online and download in pdf format if required. Business credit application, Personal credit application, etc.
  • Delivery

    Automatic Delivery is one of the most popular services we offer. It allows worry-free delivery of propane or heating oil. Through our advanced systems, we are able to ensure you never run out of propane or heating oil.